MP2013′s eco-responsibility plan

Why has MP2013 developed an eco-responsability plan?

  • To improve public welcome services (in the fields of recycling and transport)

  • To improve the region's attractiveness and international visibility

  • To encourage partners to also adopt eco-responsability plans

  • To respect eco-responsibility plans implemented by public and private partners

  • To reduce the Europen Capital of Culture's environmental impacts

  • To raise visitors' awareness of environmental issues through real actions

What are MP2013's environmental objectives?

  • Objective 1: to minimise environmental impacts linked to waste production and transport

  • Objective 2: to act as a positive example in projects produced directly by the association

  • Objective 3: encourage regional organisations to implement long-term eco-responsibilityplans


Why does the plan only focus on waste and transport?

  • To focus our energies on key issues that have the most impact

  • To satisfy technical, logistical, artistical, human and budgetary constraints

  • To be able to focus on specific themes through certain projects (for example, biodiversity with the GR®2013 and TransHumance, or promoting local knowledge and products with Mediterranean Banquets)

Why the focus on eco-responsibility instead of sustainable development?

  • Eco-responsibility focuses solely on environmental issues

  • MP2013 supports sustainable development in other ways: through the economic effects of the cultural programme, giving local populations access to culture, creating local jobs, etc.


How will these objectives be attained?

  • Example 1: by creating a competitively priced transport pass valid for public transport networks throughout the region

  • Example 2: by inviting the Aremacs association to set up recycling facilities at around ten projects

Who is responsible for the eco-responsibility plan?

  • 2 people from the production team are coordinating these activities

  • 1 consulting agency (Atemia) supports the teams

  • People in each service have been designated to help implement actions