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Official book launch for...

Posté le 05 Dec. 2013

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Science and science fiction at the...

Posté le 04 Jul. 2013
Film screening in Plan d’Aou

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Film screening in Plan d’Aou

Posté le 20 Jun. 2013
Celebrate Japan at YesWeCamp !

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Celebrate Japan at YesWeCamp !

Posté le 11 Jun. 2013

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Garden of Hospitality – Gilles...

Posté le 23 May. 2013

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Valletta will be the European Capital...

Posté le 18 Oct. 2012

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Summing up the 2012 European Heritage...

Posté le 03 Oct. 2012

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Artist residencies at Košice: call for projects

Posté le 25 Jun. 2012 par RC
Košice 2013, European Capital of Culture, has given its support to K.A.I.R. (Košice Artists in Residence), an artist residency programme.

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Martine Derain’s Creative Urban...

Posté le 23 May. 2012

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Applications open for Roberto Cimetta...

Posté le 20 Jan. 2012

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Guimarães 2012 kicks off!

Posté le 18 Jan. 2012 par RC
Following the opening events of Maribor 2012 last weekend, Guimarães 2012 kicked off its Capital of Culture year on 21 January.

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Eurocopter becomes MP2013′s...

Posté le 12 Dec. 2011

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Lesbian and Gay Pride festival 2011

Posté le 28 Jun. 2011

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Summing up: Tadashi Kawamata’s...

Posté le 16 Jun. 2011

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Jean-François Chougnet

Posté le 20 Apr. 2011 par RC
Jean-François Chougnet is 54 years old. He is a historian. He attended Sciences Po in Paris before graduating from the Ecole Nationale d’Administration in 1981. He was general manager of La Villette Park and Expo Centre from 2001 to 2006. In 2005, he was in charge of organising events for the year of Brazil in [...]
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